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University of California
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SELECTED BOOKS with work on/by VZ Rivers:


Young Printmakers 1970, Herron School of Design, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fiberscope , Volume 1,   Loveland, Colorado:   Interweave Press, 1980.

Linda Kanzinger, Fabric Painting , Pennsylvania. Chilton Publishers,   Scheduled for publication, 1980.   Several works to be reproduced.

The Fiberarts Design Book , Fiberarts Magazine, 1980. Asheville, North Carolina.   "Self-Portrait Fantasy I" pictured.

Michael Webb, The Magic of Neon, Peregrine Press, December 1983.   "Daggers" and "Birthday Party" depicted.

Who's Who in American Art , 16th -27th editions, Jacques Cattell Press, New York, New York.

The World Who's Who of Women 1984-85,   Eighth Edition, International Biographical Centre, Melrose Press Ltd., Cambridge, England.

Dictionary of International Biography ,   International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. 1986.

Michael Webb, Anthology of Neon , Peregine Press, (in press), due in April 1990.

Rudi Stern, Contemporary Neon, published by Retail Reporting Corporation. New York, New York.   November 1990.

Michael Webb, Liquid Fire , Peregrine Press, Salt Lake City, Utah.   April 1990.

The Surface Designer's Art: Contemporary Fabric Printers, Painters, and Dyers ,   1993, Lark Books, Aseville, North Carolina.

Who's Who in the West , 25 th Edition, Marquis Press, New Providence, New Jersey, 1996-97.




New York Times , Thursday, June 16, 1977.   "For American Craftsmen, A Coming of Age," by Lisa Hammel.

Crafts Horizons , July 1977.   "Young Americans--Fiber, Wood, Plastics, Leather" by Glen Kaufman.   "Archetypal Remnant" pictured inside front cover.

The Courier Journal , Louisville, Kentucky, August 1, 1977.

Town and Country, October 1977.   "The Coming Collecting Boom--High Craft," by Monica Meenan.

New York Times , Sunday, October 2, 1977.   Arts and Leisure Guide.

The Tennessean , Nashville, Tennessee, November 13, 1977.   "Miss Rivers Nets National Fiber Craft Honors."

The Tennessean , Nashville, Tennessee, November 20, 1977. Picture with Joan Mondale.

Fiberarts , November/December 1977. "Young Americans:   Fiber, Wood, Plastic, Leather," review by Patricia Malarcher, pps. 14-16.

Craft Horizons , April 1978.   "One Man's Bias on Surface Design," by Ed Rossbach, p. 35.

Fiberarts , March-April 1979.   "Surface Design:   Approaches '78" review by Jan Arnow, pp. 67-68, "The Path with Heart I" pictured and installation with "The Path with Heart I."

Nashville , Tennessee.   May 1979.   "The Arts/The Crafts of Young America," by Adele Pilsk, pp. 106-113, "Archetypal Remnant" pictured, p. 113.

Courier Journal , exhibition review by Sarah Lansdell, Sunday, December 14, 1980.   Louisville, Kentucky. "Gazing Through Stones V" drawing pictured.

Fiberarts Magazine , September-October, 1981.   "

American Craft Magazine , December 1981.   Several works depicted in color section of "Portfolio."

Oregonian , Portland, Oregon.   October 18, 1981.   Review of exhibition at Mt. Hood College, photo.

New York Times , review of "Young Americans Award Winners" Exhibition, January 28, 1982.

American Craft , April-May, 1982.   "Young American Award Winners" review, "Birthday Party" depicted.

The Sacramento Bee , June 12, 1982.   Review of solo exhibitions.

Artweek , June 12, 1982.   Rreview of solo exhibition, "Taming Neon," "Daggers" depicted.

Art in America , 1982 Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists.

Craft International , "New York:   Young Americans Award Winners," Spring issue, 1982.

Ellensburg News , Ellensburg, Washington.   Review of exhibitions and picture at Central Washington University Show, October 30, 1982.

The Transformer , Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, California, Winter issue, 1984.   Pictures of "Morning Dress - Mourning Dress" and "Daggers," pp. 1 and 5.

Fiberarts magazine, September-October 1983.   "Poetry/Clothing" review by Pat Hickman, pp. 75-76.

Artweek , Vol. 14, No. 40, November 26, 1983.   "The Contradictions of Neon" by Lynn A. Woods, review of exhibition, "Mourning Dress" depicted, p. 4.

Kunsthandverk , Oslo, Norway.   September 9, 1983. "Young Americans:   Award Winners," by Linda Norden, "Birthday Party" depicted pp. 23-27.

The Sacramento Bee , "The Expectation vs. the Reality," by Ellen Schlesinger, p. C1, February 24, 1984.   Exhibition review and photo with "Water I" depicted.

Visual Arts Center of Alaska Quarterly , Spring 1984. "Daggers" depicted.

Fiberarts Magazine, "The Artist in Focus" by Barbara Goldberg, pp. 52-53, May/June 1984.

Art in America , October 1984. Artworld Section, p. 248, NEA Artists Fellowships, 1984.

Los Angeles Times , November 11, 1984.   "Californians Win Fellowships" by Josine Ianco-Starrells.

The Dallas Morning News , December 6, 1984.   Art review by Janet Kutner.

Surface Design Journal , Vol. 9, No. 2, Winter 1985. 1985 National Conference Update, pp. 3-5.

Fiberarts Magazine, January - February 1985.   "Victoria Rivers:   Sculpting in Fiber and Neon" by Jessica Scarborough, pp. 22-23.

American Craft , December 1984/January 1985. "1984 NEA Artists Fellowships," pp. 50-52.

Surface Design Journal , Vol. 9, No. 3, Spring 1985.   "Victoria Rivers," article and work depicted, pp. 22-23.

American Craft , June/July 1985.   "SDA at Asilomar" by Chelsea Miller, p. 94.

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Newsletter , June 1985.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   "Three Rivers Arts Festival, A Festival's Focus:   Three Special Projects" by Lorraine Higgins, pp. 73-74, "Daggers" depicted.

Market Square , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   June 5, 1985. "Special Exhibit Illuminates Festival Sites," "Daggers" depicted.

Women Artists' News , published by Mid-March Associates, New York. Exhibition review by Janis Edwards.   (In Press).

Fiberarts Magazine, October 1985.   Surface Design Association National Conference by Jessica Scarborough, pgs. 46-47, picture.  

Art Now/Philadelphia Gallery Guide , Summer 1985.   "Daggers depicted."

The Philadelphia Inquirer , "Quality Exhibit sees the Light" by Victoria Donohoe, "Daggers depicted," August 10, 1985.

Philadelphia City Paper , "Light in August" by Robin Rice, August 16 - September 7, 1985.

New Art Examiner , "Light (Art) in August" by Miriam Seidel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   October 1985.

The Sacramento Bee , "Neon-Artistic Signs of the Times" by Victoria Dalkey, Encore Section, November 17, 1985.   Cover photo and pg. 12.

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Los Angeles Times Magazine, Los Angeles, California.   "What's New in Neon" by Lili Lakich, pg. 15. January 19, 1986.

New Work Magazine , published by New York Experimental Glass Workshop, "New Work - Victoria Rivers,"   pg. 27, Winter-Spring, 1986.

The Dallas Morning News , Dallas, Texas.   "Art Galleries Paint the Town," by Janet Kutner,   Section C, pgs. 1-2,   September 12, 1986.

Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums, Artists , pg. 57, September/ October 1986.

Gallery Guide/Southwest , Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas.    Listing, pg. 4. September 1986.

The Dallas Morning News , Dallas, Texas.   "Pushing the Limits - Methodically," by Janet Kutner, Section E, pgs. 1 and 6. October 14, 1986.

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Los Angeles Times , Los Angeles, California. "UC Women Faculty Artists", November 8, 1987.

Sacramento Bee , Sacramento, California.   Encore Section, "Major and Minor Scales" by Victoria Dalkey, review of show juried by V. Rivers, November 15, 1987.

Sacramento Bee , Sacramento, California.   Encore Section, front page, pp. 17-18. "Affirmative Artists," by Victoria Dalkey.   Story and 2 photos.   August 14, 1988.

Sacramento Bee , Sacramento, California.   Encore Section, pp. 16, 22.   "Portals to the Abstract" by Victoria Dalkey, November 13, 1988.

Northern CA Home and Garden ,    Pp. 36-40, "Jennifer Pauls Gallery" by Karen Sharpe, January 1989.

Surface Design Journal , Vol 13, No. 3, pp. 26-27, "Victoria Rivers" edited by Charles Talley, several works depicted, Spring 1989.

Ornament , p. 70, Summer 1989.

American Craft,   "Sunspot" depicted, p. 22, August/September 1990.

Showbiz Magazine , "Sunspot" depicted, p. 54 D, Las Vegas, Nevada.   September 9-15, l990.

Sacramento Bee ,   "True to its Past," by Patricia Beach Smith, California Life Section, p. 9, "Night Garden" depicted, December 22, 1990.

The Washington Post,   "The Fine Art of Making Craft," by Ann Corbett, Travel Section, pp. E1 and E6-7, January 27, 1991.

Fiberarts , Vol. 17, No. 5, "Victoria Z. Rivers: Transforming the Sublime," by D.R. Wagner p. 14, March/April 1991.

Fiberarts , Vol. 18, No. 1, "Colorado Crossovers: Exploiting the Possibilities," by Carol Dickinson, pp. 54 and 60, Summer 1991.

The A Report: Report of the President of the University of California to the Regents, p. 1, March 20, 1992.

Neon ,   Artcetera from Nevada State Council on the Arts, "Out of Context," p. 7, Summer 1992.

The Tribune , Chandigargh, India, May 1992, "Diversities" by Humra Quraishi, p. 5.

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Centerview , Southwest Crafts Center Members' Newsletter, San Antionio, TX, , Fall 1992.

The Sacramento Bee , CA Life Section, Feb 20, 1993, "Victoria's Secret," by Patricia Beach Smith, color photographs of textiles collection and interior.

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  ¡°Indian textiles shown in brilliant Toronto exhibit¡± by Ajit Jain, India Abroad , January 2, 1998.

  ¡°Stitched Treasures¡± by Betty Ann Jordan and Gillian MacKay, The Globe and Mail , Toronto, January 3, 1998. TEXT , The Museum for Textiles' Newsletter, Winter 1998. TEXT , The Museum for Textiles' Newsletter, Spring 1998.

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BOOK/CURATRORIAL REVIEW, by Patricia Beach Smith, "From a Flash of Inspiration," in The Sacramento Bee , Sacramento, CA, April 16, 2000, Encore p. 6.

CURATORIAL REVIEW, by Spring Warren, "Gleaming, Glistening, Gorgeous," in The Davis Enterprise/Winters Express , Davis, CA, April 20, 2000, pp. 8-9.

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"Textile Arts Prof. Visits Ghana", by Konrad Djaisi, in The Spectator, Accra, Ghana, Saturday, November 29- Dec. 5, 2003, Vol. No. 826, p. 6.


CATALOGUES with essays on / works by VZ Rivers:


Solo show, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Califoria.   January 21 - March 4, 1984.   Essay by Roger Clisby, Curator.

"You Gotta Have Art," catalogue and workbook, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, California. March 9 - April 15, 1984.   Essay by Dennis Hudson, Curator.

"Neon Art from the West Coast," Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo, Japan.   September 29 - October 10, 1984, and Funabashi Seibu Museum of Art, Funabashi, Japan. October 13 - November 6, 1984.

"Illumination:   The Quality of Light," Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Three Rivers Arts Festival, June 7-23, 1985 and Foundation for Today's Art/Nexus, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. July 30 - August 23, 1985.   "Cities of Light:   Luminous Art," essay by Hap Tivey.

"Textile Constructs," Art Gallery, California State University, Northridge, California.   September 9 - October 4, 1985.  

"Color:   The Spectrum of Expression," North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina.   March 14 - May 11, 1986.

Iowa State Show at Brunnier.   Pamphlet for "Fiber to Glass" exhibition; Brunnier Gallery and Museum.   Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.   August 25 - October 25, 1987.  

"Diversity and Presence," Women Faculty Artists of the University of California, Essays by Melinda Wortz, Touring Extension, November 1, 1987 - January 27, 1989.

"Transcending Confines," a national juried competition and exhibition of miniature works.   Juried by V. Rivers with Jurors statement.   October 13 - December 5, 1987.

"Calendar," The Museum of Neon Art, 1988.

"Alumni Invitational Exhibition 1988," Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Murray State University, Kentucky. "Moon Water" depicted, February 5 - March 31, 1988.

"About Fiber" National Exhibition, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, Illinois,    November 5 - December 31, 1988.

"Ten Years After:   The Yuma Symposium," Yuma Art Center and Arizona Western College, Yuma, Arizona,   February 23 - March 25, 1989.

Penland School Catalogues, Penland, North Carolina. Summer 1989, 1990.

"Crossovers:   Contemporary Fibers," Catalogue, Gallery of Contemporary Art, University of Colorado, pp. 30-31, November 9 - December 14, 1990.

Split Rock Arts Program, University of Minnesota-Duluth, 1992

"State of the Art:   Contemporary Fiber," 1992, Loveland Museum, Loveland, CO

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts Summer Program, 1995, workshop description.

Penland School of Crafts, Summer, 1999, artwork "Penland" by V. Z. Rivers depicted.

UC Davis Campus Author Catalog, 1999-2000, The Shining Cloth.

"Connections Across Time and Space", exhibition catalog at the United States Embassy, Accra, Ghana, July, 2003 to 2005, U.S. Department of State Arts in the Embassies Program

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